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Delphi Tutorials

» Delphi home Overview of the Delphi section.  
     » Crash Course Delphi Delphi tutorial for beginners and intermediate level programmers.
     » Database Tutorials Also for the freely available Delphi Community edition!
     » Delphi FAQ Extracted from many thousands of posts of our former forum.
     » Delphi Tips In our Tips section, we present real tips, not just some cliché copies of excerpts from the Delphi Help-files.
     » Delphi Source Code The Code Snips section contains useful pieces of Delphi source code, fully commented.
Includes "Mini-Tutorial Projects", more in-depth articles matched with complete source code of projects.
     » Delphi Reference and
Overview of numbers in Delphi; a list of "forbidden words"; identifiers that you should avoid; the location of API routines; and more.
     » Delphi Downloads From our Downloads section you get the source code for our tutorials, libraries, utilities,...
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