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» Tutorials » Crash Course Delphi for beginners and for intermediate level Delphi programmers.

» Database Tutorials
» Delphi FAQ Extracted from many thousands of posts of our former forum, where questions were answered by our team.
» Tips In our Tips section, we present real tips, not just some cliché copies of excerpts from the Delphi Help-files.
» Source Code The Code Snips section contains useful pieces of Delphi source code, fully commented.
Our "Mini Tutorial Projects" are more in-depth articles, matched with complete source code.
» Forum We relaunched the famous DelphiLand Forum!
» Reference and
Starting with a list of "forbidden words" (that you should avoid as identifiers), and so on...
» Downloads From our Downloads section you get the source code for our tutorials, libraries, utilities,...
» Links The best links to other Delphi sites.
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• Just wanna say thanks to every1 here. I have just got an A in my A-level computing project with the help from the DelphiLand team, especialy webmaster guido :) I also found the lessons to be extremely useful, hope you keep up the good work. -- Ste D., Manchester, England

• Very enjoyable and easy to read. I'm completely new to programming, so have started at lesson one. You make it seem so easy. -- Alyson F., Surrey, UK

• Expert service provided by Guido. A real help! -- Stefan L., Belgium

• I've been searching for Delphi tutorials for days and it seems that I have found the right place, at last. Very intuitive site and the tutorials seem to be going to the point, without the senseless blabla I have found in other sites. Good Job! -- Eric K., Montreal

• After the SUPERBUS tips from Guido on "Text Search in TWebBrowser" I'm here again for another miracle from you. -- Giovanni C., Torino, Italy

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