C++ Builder

Glossary of terms

C++ An object-oriented programming language, developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. Later on, standardized by ISO; current standard version: ISO/IEC 14882:2017, informally known as C++17.  
C++Builder IDE for writing C++ programs, developed and distributed by Embarcadero.  
Array A group of elements of the same type. int nums[5];
Breakpoint Pauses a program at a specified location. Used for debugging.  
Class "Template" (blue-print) for creating objects. TForm
Compiler Utility program to translate symbolic source code into binary machine code. Is a part of the IDE.  
Constants Constants are fixed values that the program may not alter. Also called literals. const int L = 10;
Dialog box Object for interaction with an application. Displays a message plus one or more controls. InputBox
IDE Integrated Development Environment  
Method Function that acts on an object
Object A variable that combines data and programming code. Form1
Object Inspector Part of the C++ Builder IDE for the visual design of forms and their components.  
OOP Object Oriented Programming C++, C#, Java,
Object Pascal
Property Method of a component to access its internal (encapsulated) data. Most properties of visual components can be accessed through the Object Inspector. Form1->Top
RAD Rapid Application Development C++ Builder
Reference, by Passing arguments to functions "by reference". x = Func1(y);
String A String is an object that can hold and manipulate text. It's the same as "UnicodeString". String S;
Structure A group of variables of different data types under a single name. struct employee {
 string fullname;
 float salary;
Value, by Passing arguments to functions "by value". x = Func1(&y);
VCL Visual Component Library. Included with C++ Builder and with Delphi.  
Visual Studio IDE for writing C++ programs, developed by Microsoft.