DClub Library

The DClub Library is a collection of functions and procedures, that will be updated regularly.

While these routines are very useful, our first objective was educational, and therefore the source code is abundantly commented.

Members of the DClub can download this library from the Downloads section as file DL000725.zip

Included in the ZIP file is a demo project, showing the use of the routines.

Date and time

function Age(BirthDate: TDate): integer;
function BirthDay(BirthDate: TDate): TDate;
function DateInYear(ADate: TDate; InYear: integer): TDate;
function DateToISO(ADate: TDate): string;
function DateToISOshort(ADate: TDate): string;
function DateToYear(ADate: TDate): integer;
function DaysInMonth(AYear, AMonth: integer): integer;
procedure SetSysDateTime(TheDateTime: TDateTime);
procedure SetSysTime(TheTime: TDateTime);
procedure SetSysDate(TheDate: TDateTime);

To be continued...

Files and directories

function AppDir: string;
function CreateDirForce(const NewDir: string): Boolean;
function FileCopy(Source, Dest: string; Overwrite: Boolean): Boolean;
function FileDateTime(TheFile: string): TDateTime;
function FileDateTimeStr(TheFile: string): string;
function FileMove(Source, Dest: string; Overwrite: Boolean): TMoveResult;
To be continued...

String handling routines

function IsEmptyStr(S: string): Boolean;
function IsInStr(SubStr, S: string): Boolean; function LastChar(S: string): Char;
function LeftStr(S: string; Len: integer): string;
function NotInStr(SubStr, S: string): Boolean; function PadLeft(S: string; Len: integer; Ch: char): string;
function PadRight(S: string; Len: integer; Ch: char): string;
function RepliStr(Ch: char; Len: integer): string;
function RightStr(S: string; Len: integer): string;
function ParseFirstRemoved(S: string; Delimiters: string): string;
function ParseGetFirst(S: string; Delimiters: string): string;
function ParseGetLast(S: string; Delimiters: string): string;
function ParseToList(S: string; Delimiters: string): TStringList;

To be continued... 

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