Delphi Tutorial ?
But you're a beginner, and you don't know Pascal... (Pass who?)

Delphi Tutorials  Run before you can walk? Yes, that's possible with our Crash Course Delphi !

Already in the first lesson of our hands-on Delphi tutorial, you compile a real application! In the next lessons, you will build that application, from the ground up. You learn step by step, you learn as you practice. And we'll fill in the theory behind it later on.
Compare this to other Delphi tutorials, demanding a basic knowledge of Pascal, a background in DBase, Paradox or SQL, a knowledge of VB or OOP, and starting with a childish "Hello World!" proggie...

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Numbers03/22/2018: an overview of Delphi's numerous number types.
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DelphiLand Club - as a club member, you can freely download all DClub files: the Crash Course Delphi lessons and matching projects with abundantly commented source code, the DC Libary, specific tutorial projects, utilities, and so on.
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We want to build DelphiLand as an attractive and informative site, both for the beginner as well as for the intermediate Delphi programmer.

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