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Delphi and Pascal Tutorials - Several levels of tutorials from beginner through more advanced, by T.K. Boyd.
  Marco Cantu - author of the Mastering Delphi series, Delphi Developer's Handbook and Essential Pascal (online books).
Tips, Documents, Newsletters
DelphiTricks - Delphi tips & tricks, free source code, tutorials, examples.
  How to do things - collection of how-to Delphi articles with lots of code. Also articles on various other topics, from "Mediterranean Spaghetti" to "Lipograms" and "Pet Care" ;-))

RealThinClient components
Build robust Internet-ready HTTP/S Clients, Servers and ISAPI extensions using the RealThinClient SDK; Support your customers over the Internet using RTC Remote Desktop.
Delphi @ - home of TNapster and TNapsterFree, filesharing components that implement the Napster protocol.
  JfActiveSoft - home of the suite "JfControls", a great components library for Delphi & C++Builder. If you like nicely designed sites, this is the place to go.
  Torry's Delphi Pages - possibly the largest collection of components on the web.


Collections of links to Delphi Sites
The Programming Pages - Delphi, C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic,...
  Top 100 Borland Sites
  Richey's Delphi-Box - 1000+ links to Delphi related web sites. Also has tips and components.

General Delphi - the premier source for Delphi developers. Home of Delphi and Kylix information, large component library, discussions, tips, articles. - Collection of components, tips an tricks, samples, forums, advanced search and more...
  Delphi Compendium - from the CyberMatrix Corporation: lots of info about Delphi. Delphi Pascal source code library, components, programming articles, tutorials and free programs.
  Delphi Pages - Borland/Inprise Delphi and Builder Resource Center. Search quickly for components, tips, forum, chat, news, etc.
  Delphi Snippets - from Sortland Automasjon.
  Delphi-Treff - German site - Der Treffpunkt für Delphi-Entwickler.
  Developer's Super Page Find articles/tips in Delphi, to help you develop your applications; build your resume, post and find jobs, chat online.
  Dutch Pascal Users Group - the PGG (short for Pascal Gebruikers Groep) is a division of HCC, the largest "computer club" of the Netherlands. It is directed towards the users of Pascal and Pascal related programming languages. Has a very active Delphi forum.
Embarcadero - Delphi - the "home" of Delphi (Embarcadero took it over from Borland)
  MAS Delphi-page - very nice site with Delphi-components, applications, tools, code examples, tips & trix, links and info. All is freeware!
  NLDelphi, the Dutch Delphi page - Delphi news, Delphi articles, and of course a forum where you can meet fellow programmers or present a problem. Language: Dutch.
  Programmers Heaven - one of the largest sources of free downloadable files: source code, utilities, and other tools for programmers and developers. Besides Delphi, also: C/C++/C#, JAVA, Linux, Internet, Visual Basic, and so on.
  Swiss Delphi Center - Switzerland's top Delphi site.
  Torry's Delphi Pages - one of the very best Delphi sites: components, examples, applications, tools, documents, updates,... too much to list here!
  VP Source - huge resource for programmers [Delphi, VB, C++, Pascal] and for webmasters. It also contains e-commerce, security sections + chatroom and toplists.

  Other useful sites for Developers - large information portal for 3D creative developers: 3D programming, rendering, modelling, raytracing, image processing,... 3D objects, meshes, textures, plugins, and so on. For cinematic producers, game developers, web content creators and 3D animation hobbyists. - links to online tutorials for more than 20 different programming languages. For beginners as well as more advanced programmers.
  TechiWarehouse - tutorials and articles about programming, operating systems, hardware, certifications,... and much more ICT related stuff.
  TechTutorials - directory of free computer and networking tutorials for I.T. professionals: 1541 free tutorials! - directory of Programming related websites.
The Programming Pages - very nice collection of links to all kinds of programming sites, including: Delphi, Ada, ASP, C/C++, Cobol, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic,...
  Upload it - continuously growing collection of articles and links for shareware developers: distributors (including a list of 300+ shareware sites), registration services, magazines, press release services, search engine tips, web site tips, and many more. Intelligently grouped, easily accessible, pages are loading very fast.
  Web Tech Training & Development, USA - formerly Database Programmers Retreat, offers expert training, development & consulting for professional programmers & consultants. Web Tech specializes in Delphi, Java, ColdFusion, Visual Basic, ASP, E-commerce, SQL Server, and more...
  Web Tech Training & Development, UK - Web Tech Training & Development UK: see above.
Belgian sites, general (not development-related)
  Triple-C-Project - great Belgian rockband.
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