Delphi tips:

Which style of ComboBox should you use?

Delphi's Combobox is a combination of a list box and an edit. But Delphi provides for three types of combobox styles, that you can select in the Object Inspector:

  • Simple: an edit control is placed on top of a list box. Users can choose from the list or type text in the edit box. Use this style for short lists.
  • Drop-down: similar to the simple type, except that the list box isn't displayed until a drop-down button is clicked. To be used for long lists, or if there is not much room on the form.
  • Drop-down list: as with the drop-down style, the list isn't visible at first. Users can click the drop-down button and chose from the list, but they can't enter text in the edit portion. Use this type when you want users to select only from a fixed set of choices.


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