Delphi tips :

Explore your project directory

If you're like me, you probably spend a lot of time switching between Delphi's IDE and Windows' Explorer, continuously renaming, copying or moving something somewhere. And if your project directories are as (de-) organized as mine, you have to double-click at least 20 times before you get to your project directory.

Here's a simple solution:

  1. Load Delphi.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Configure Tools. The Tool Options dialog is displayed.
  4. Select Add. The Tool Properties dialog is displayed.
  5. Fill in the Tool Properties dialog as shown below. If your Windows Explorer is in another location, adjust the path accordingly.
        Title: Open Project Directory
        Program: C:\Windows\Explorer.exe
        Working dir: [empty]
        Parameters: /n, /e, $PATH($EDNAME)
  6. Click OK, and then click Close.
That's it!
To test your new tool, just open a project and select the menu Tools / Open Project Directory.

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