How was our "Crash Course Delphi" tutorial evaluated?

A few samples of what users and guests told us

"... shows a great deal of knowledge regarding the Delphi programming language. Thanks DelphiLand for shearing this knowledge with us."
Lionel Joyner, USA

"Fantastic site, one of the best! Hope it never goes away!"
Mick Felixtowe, UK

"Your style is fresh, entertaining and easy to follow. I wish I knew about them when I started. I hope it is successful enough to allow you to produce more tutorials. There are some good books and sites on Database stuff, but this is the first good source for learning coding outside the drag and drop IDE. Other sources are often too academic; your hands-on approach makes the topic very accessible."
Angus Campbell, USA

"I'm a beginning Delphi programmer and I'm very satisfied with your Crash Course Delphi and other goodies of the DelphiLand Club! Keep up the good work!"
Johan, Germany

"A splendid, nicely developed idea. Your EuroCC is the ideal application for beginning IT students: they can experience what Windows GUI programming is all about. This is great stuff for teachers, and so are your other applications. Congratulations!" (translated from Dutch)
Wouter De Backer, Belgium

"I am not a very experienced programmer, and I am new to Delphi. Your tutorials have got me started though, and I'm beginning to make sense of it all. Well done!"
Andy Stait, UK

"A nice clean tutorial interface. Great for me, a beginner to Delphi."
Geoff Fowler, Aberdeen

"Thanks for the good tutorials."
Razafinjatovo Harinaivo, Madagascar

"Very useful for programmers. The material is very informative. Good effort. Congratulations and Good Luck."
Ramanujan M.S.S., India

"Nice find. Keep up the great work on the tutorials."
Thomas Grohman, USA

"Nice! Just what I was looking for. Since Delphi 2 is free, and after using Turbo Pascal, it's great to be able to program in the Windows' GUI." (translated from Dutch)
Michel van der Mark, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for this wonderful website!!! I've just started in Delphi and your tutorials have been very useful and I have learnt a lot already! Good luck with DelphiLand!"
- Richard Davies, UK

"It's great. Too bad I didn't find this page before, when I was starting in Delphi."
Paulo Silva, Congo

"Very well presented tutorial - thanks"
Ian Crook, France

"Thanks for all the hard work in the development of these lessons. I appreciate it very much. Looking forward to more of this great work."
Gary Rogers, USA

"Bravo ! Une méthode pas-à-pas, des trucs et des astuces pour les débutants et les autres."
J. Milewski, France

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