ReRe: Deleting Letters in a Delphi Memo

Posted by hallinl on September 09, 2005

In Reply to: Re: Deleting Letters in a Delphi Memo posted by Madboy on July 11, 2005

: My only idea would to be store each letter as a variable. Then you could use something VK_Keypress_BKSPACE or something. Im not sure exactly how to do it, but maybe this could give someone more experience a lead on how to do it. Its nearly there i think :)

Not having ever dealt with memo fields, I'd try:

If  ... then

That should delete the last character in memo2.text.

 Correction by the DelphiLand Team: 

That won't work, because you can't pass a property of an object (memo2.text) as a "var" parameter of a routine.
But you can use Delphi's Copy function instead of Delete:

Memo1.Text := Copy(Memo1.Text, 1, Length(Memo1.Text) - 1);

Or if you insist ;) on using Delete, firstly put the Memo's text-property into a string variable, next delete the last character of that string, next put the string again in the Memo's text, like this:

  S: string;
  S := Memo1.Text;
  Delete(S, Length(S), 1);
  Memo1.Text := S;