Re: Trust Delphiland?

Posted by webmaster Guido on October 05, 2005

In Reply to: Trust Delphiland? posted by Johan p14205 on October 05

: Once I followed a link in a message of Delphiland forum, but I discovered that it was a scam.
: How can I know that a message in Delphiland can be trusted?
: Johan P14205

If the sender of a message is someone of the DelphiLand Team, and it's older than 1 day, then you can be sure that it is valid (such as XYZ, DelphiLand Team or webmaster Guido).

Can messages be forged?

DelphiLand's Forum is moderated. Every day we check the new messages and we delete the "bad" ones: plainly wrong, suspicious poster, containing bad advice, bad code,...

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