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: I want to generate random numbers but I need to set the range to start at 1000000000 instead of 0. Is there a way the starting number can be set?

The function Random(RANGE) returns an integer number X with 0 <= X < RANGE.
RANGE must be an integer, so you are limited to the largest integer that is possible in Win32 Delphi. That's 2147483648 (a bit over 2000 million).
Example: Random(50) can return 0 or 12 or 49 and so on (but not 50).

If RANGE is not specified, the result is a real number in the range 0 <= X < 1.

To get a random integer in the range from 1 to 1000 you use:
R := Random(1000) + 1;

To get a random integer in the range from 1000000000 to 1000001000 you use:
R := Random(1000) + 1000000000;

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