Adding stringgrid values


I have a series of values within a stringgrid, in cells [1,1], [2,1] and [3,1]. I want to add these together to calculate the total value within these cells, and display this in cell [4,1]. I have tried various IntToStr, StrToInt combinations but as of yet have failed, instead of calculating the total values, the values are simply put together e.g. 1+2+3 = 123 instead of the correct answer of 6.


Try the following code:

StringGrid1.Cells[4,1] :=
IntToStr( StrToInt( StringGrid1.Cells[1,1] ) + StrToInt( StringGrid1.Cells[2,1] ) + StrToInt( StringGrid1.Cells[3,1] ) );

Note: with StrToInt, if there is any input other that characters 0 - 9 then an error will be thrown. You could use StrToIntDef which is the same but uses a default value if the input is invalid.

StringGrid1.Cells[4,1] :=
IntToStr( StrToIntDef( StringGrid1.Cells[1,1], 0 ) + StrToIntDef( StringGrid1.Cells[2,1], 0 ) + StrToIntDef( StringGrid1.Cells[3,1], 0 ) );

So if the user types 'Bob' instead of a number it will return the string for 0 or any other integer you give for the second value.

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