Re: stay on top and no allowing minimize

Posted by SHane on April 07, 2005

In Reply to: stay on top and no allowing minimize posted by IElite

: I have a application which processes some itwms through a thirdparty application and its imperative that the app stays on top and is not allowed to minimize.

: How can I set these two things in code just before i do the processing
: and how do I set them back to the normal state after processing?

You can control wheather the minimize is controlled by the user by settingt he BorderIcons property of the form that can't be minimized.

Form1.BorderIcons := [biSystemMenu, biMaximize, biHelp];
Form1.BorderIcons := [biSystemMenu, biMinimize, biMaximize, biHelp];

to keep your form from being hidden by another app/form/etc, set:
Form1.FormStyle := fsStayOnTop