Re: update CSV article

Posted by webmaster Guido on May 18, 2005

In Reply to: Re: To Lionel: CSV database posted by Lionel on May 18, 2005

: Problem:
: -------------------------------------------
: Line 42 Rec := StringGrid1[Row];
: --------------------------------------------
: > [Error]ParseCVS.dpr[42]: Class does not have a default property

: > [Error]ParseCVS.dpr[43]: Undeclared identifier 'ParseRecord'
: ---------------------------------------------
: The above line of code in Lesson 15 is giving me an error message. Where do I declare the ParseRecord? Did I miss something? or is this something basic I should know?

Sorry, there was a typing error in this beta- text. Thanks a lot for testing, it helped us to correct the article! Please have a look now:

Let's hope that it is bug-free this time, let me know if there are any errors :)

webmaster Guido

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