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» Remove HTML tags from a string

How do the search engines see your web pages? You can find it out by using the function StripHTML, that strips all HTML tags from a given text-string.

For example, the string:   <b><i>Important</i></b> notes
must be converted to: Important notes

function StripHTML(S: string): string;
  TagBegin, TagEnd, TagLength: integer;
  TagBegin := Pos( '<', S);      // search position of first < 

  while (TagBegin > 0) do begin  // while there is a < in S
    TagEnd := Pos('>', S);              // find the matching > 
    TagLength := TagEnd - TagBegin + 1;
    Delete(S, TagBegin, TagLength);     // delete the tag 
    TagBegin:= Pos( '<', S);            // search for next <
  Result := S;                   // give the result

Example of usage:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Memo2.Text := StripHTML(Memo1.Text);

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